Personal analytical intelligence  BrainTrix

Is IT worth IT…? Yes! Do! IT works!

BrainTrix – augmented Intelligence, existing for more than a year. 

BrainTrix can help you to understand the relationship. A unique feature of BrainTrix is the ability to evaluate characteristics such as human morale and its ability to think. On this basis, it can determine the ability of partners to understand each other and to satisfy mutual interest.

BrainTrix, also, is able to help you to deal with difficult life situations. Dialogue with augmented intelligence will make it possible to better understand the problem and find a rational way to solve it. The task of BrainTrix is ​​not to formulate a "right" decision, but to assess whether the decision you make is consistent with common sense. Its purpose is to help you to see the limitations that prevent the achievement of the goal. If you do not find a way to overcome these limitations, then BrainTrix recognizes the solution as not appropriate to common sense, directly to lead to loss of power, time, material resources.

BrainTrix is objective at maximum, because it uses the experience of common sense of many generations as a knowledge base. If your vision of the situation is at variance with the conclusions of BrainTrix, it means that you either do not notice what is really happening, or are under the influence of emotions.

And the last. It's safe to share your problems with BrainTrix: it does not require any personal information from you and therefore will not be able to use it for the benefit of others.