About project

A trait of the project is a large science-intensive (more than 5 years of profound scientific research) and the formation of know-how at the junction of psychology, mathematics, behavioral economics and philosophy. The combination of knowledge of these sciences made it possible to understand that the objective basis of mutual understanding of man and machine, and, consequently, the creation of the intellection of Full AI is the life experience of mankind.  And also the rules of common sense created by mankind.

In particular, the heuristic technology of qualitative analysis of NEW IQ allows to solve the main problem of Big Data and deep training of neural networks in issues related to human behavior - the absence of cause-effect relationships in the found correlation dependencies. The technology of building personal heuristic models changes the approach to predictive analytics, and allows us to move to personal predictive analytics that expands opportunities for effective interaction with people. NEW IQ technologies can improve the functionality of even the most modern virtual consultants developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Institute for Creative Technologies - University of Southern California.

Today the augmented intelligence of NEW IQ is presented in two products. The first product (BrainTrix) is a model of a virtual consultant on life issues, illustrating the principle of the amplifier of thinking. The main goal of BrainTrix is ​​to direct human thoughts to the most powerful solutions. Dialogue with Braintrix allows you to better understand the problem, to find the most rational way to solve it. If you make an irrational decision, you will always know what the mistake was. Braintrix is ​​an excellent simulator. With its help, you can simulate situations, create life drafts, see potential problems and avoid them in life. Multi-criteria evaluation of decisions is one of the know how Braintrix. You can comprehensively evaluate your decision in terms of losing / purchasing money, health, emotions, reputation and time.


The second product is a Deep knowledge course. What is deep knowledge? These are the life rules of common sense, which are derived by generations of people from their mistakes. These rules are called "heuristics", and they regulate a person's everyday life, his/her relationships and the situations in which he/she falls into. The most important know-how is that the subject of learning is life-thinking, namely its rules and algorithms. Unfortunately, purposefully nobody teaches of the rules of thinking and their effective application. The science of life (questions of relationships and life situations) everyone has to comprehend on his/her own experience. Therefore, people live life, not realizing their potential and not achieving the success they deserve.

The knowledge obtained at the intersection of sciences, allows you to build a competent line of conduct in any situation, i.e. manage your own life.  The difficulty is that deep knowledge has a higher level of abstraction than concrete ones. Therefore, for a better understanding when learning, real life cases, movies and art works are used. As a result, you will learn to use the main rule of life - do not deceive yourself!

More information about the project can be found in the book "ELEVATOR TO SUCCESS: how to push the true button"