to make the right decisions 

to build relationships that will not spoil life 

understanding between people

common sense rules

amplified intelligence

The trend of the XXI century is the technologies of artificial intelligence. Impressive success is achieved in the recognition of images and speech, the creation of humanoid robots and bots. But one area still remains terra incognita - conscious thinking. This is understandable, because today, like many years ago, the ability of a person to think is the most problematic issue. For this reason, the term "Augmented Intelligence" is considered being more correct, which can be switched on if necessary. The augmented intelligence, created by us and called NEW IQ, helps people to understand life situations and make the right decisions. The functions of NEW IQ allow to make bots' communication more conscious, turn virtual voice assistants into consultants and personal robots into understanding interlocutors. Using of NEW IQ moves to a significantly higher level of information processing technologies (Data Science, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics), management (Agile, Adizes, EQ, Reflexive Control), HR, training (MOOC), development of human skills (Soft Skills) and people ability to think (Deep Knowledge)

NEW IQ Features

Knowledge base (universal rules of common sense)

Multi-criteria system for evaluating decisions

Algorithms of thinking (life situations and relationships)

Inference rule system

Technology of building personal models

Our team

Alexander Gavrilenko

PhD, scientific director of the group for the creation of technology for modeling thinking

Katerina Morozova, СEO

PhD, expert in the field of expert systems and qualitative information analysis

Svetlana Stupish,

psychologist, member of The European Association of Psychology and Law , member of The International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development 

Dmitri Gavrilenko

PhD, methodological support


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